Marietta Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Thursday, February 29, 2024


Announcements Updated February 22, 2024
Our Sunday Morning Worship Service starts at 9:40 am.  Sunday School classes begin following the Worship Service.  We have a Bible Study group that meets online on Sunday evenings beginning at 6:00 pm.  Send an email message to Morgan Douglas ( for the Zoom link if you would like to join.  Everyone is welcome!

We also have an onsite weekly prayer meeting held at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays.
The live stream will continue to start at 9:40 every Sunday with recordings of our congregation singing prior to the announcements and service. You can find our live service on Facebook in the Live Video section ( or in the Live Stream page via the link below.
We are working on updating the information on this webpage.  Please excuse the mess.



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Where Is God


As we seek to find our way in these unknown times, we are tempted to ask about God’s presence in times of great uncertainty. These same questions confronted the prophets in the Old Testament. Instead of seeing the doom and gloom of the situation (though they never denied the problems) they looked at the issues confronting the nation and themselves and saw what it meant as an opportunity to draw nearer to and trust God more.

The issues we face today are again an opportunity to humble ourselves before God and see the opportunities we will have to proclaim God’s love and grace and, to live as witnesses of that love and grace.



Online Worship Service

We have restored our onsite worship service, and we will still continue the online worship services. As we work to integrate the onsite and online services together, we are likely to have a few glitches. This is another new area for us, and we appreciate patience as we adapt to this new configuration. Please remember that our goal is to provide continuity in our growth as disciples of Christ. In these times we will continue to learn, to worship, and to serve God. Thus equipped we will be in the world to serve and be witness of God in our community.


Prior streaming services are available from the link below and from our Facebook Page.

 Click here to watch past live stream services.


One of the most important aspects of our morning service is fellowship. Even though we are fortunate to be able to continue our services during this time online, we are also missing our weekly time to talk and check in on each other. Therefore, during the announcements each week we want to take a moment to share updates.

Let us know if there is something you want shared with the church. Please email us at and indicate you want to make it a part of the sharing corner. We will then include this in our announcements each week. This can be anything from birthdays, special events, prayer concerns, or just an update on how everybody is doing. Please send your email by Friday afternoon before the service.

Also, keep in mind that we will be sharing this information on Facebook Livestream. We want to honor everyone's privacy, so please consider this before submitting information for the sharing corner. We hope these updates will help us be supportive of each other during this time of uncertainty.

Emergency Contacts

Should you need to contact the pastor or one of the elders, please use one of the following phone numbers:

To request general information please call the church office (865) 693-0080.

If no one is available at the office please leave a message and we will get back in touch with you.

 Other numbers:


  • Randall Mayfield (865) 386-4756



  • Morgan Douglas (865) 748-7386

  • Daren Spoon (865) 604-0396

  • Jake Stafford (865) 789-6341

  • Janet Stooksbury (865) 809-8558

  • Beth Swanson (865) 748-9474


These are uncertain times and we must be ready to help each other. If you have a need, please do not hesitate to contact the pastor or one of the elders. In addition, we encourage you to check on each other and if you become aware of a need that we may not know of, please share it with your pastor or an elder so that we may provide for our congregation and others in our community who are in need.




Even though we have resumed in person services, we will still continue the online services. Offerings will be accepted in person, but we still encourage those watching online to send offerings to the church Post Office Box. 

That address is:


Marietta Cumberland Presbyterian Church

P.O. Box 32007

Knoxville, TN 37930-2007






Society of St. Andrew - Gleaning America's Fields, Feeding America's Hungry 
  The Society of St. Andrew is seeking volunteers to glean produce at the Hardin Valley Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings and distribute it to local food pantries.  This is not hard - all it takes is a heart for missions.
  Since 1979, SoSA has used two problems to solve each other: produce that is about to be wasted and hungry people.  SoSA volunteers glean produce (for example from farmers markets) and deliver it to food pantries that distribute it to hungry people.
  To volunteer or learn more, please contact Chuck Parmele at 865-424-4463 or
The Missions and Christian Service committee has been approved by the session to adopt Miracle Lake and The House That Mercy Built (Christian based substance abuse rehabilitation ministries for men and women) as outreach ministries.  These two ministries instill Christian values as they help men and women recovering from substance abuse.  Many of those who participate in these programs arrive with little more than the clothes they wear yet with a desire to restore order in their lives.

There are many ways that we (you) can help the church support these ministries.
  • Pray for these ministries.  Each 5th Sunday, we will have a special time of prayer for each of these ministries.
  • Participate in a special offering we will receive for these ministries each 5th Sunday.
  • Participate in the collection of clothing and hygiene items for men and women.
  • When we have representatives of these ministries at the church show your support by attending to hear about lives God is touching.
Though we may ask why support these or other ministries like this, our own church family has been touched by these ministries.  Each of us either knows someone who knows a family affected by substance abuse.  These ministries offer us a means to go beyond our own individual capabilities for helping.  Now God has given us this opportunity.  Please help us in supporting these ministries.  For more information please contact the church office.
     Please join us for our Sunday evening activities!  There is something for all ages with activities and studies for children, middle school, high school, and adult.  There is a short social time at 5:45 with a snack to share followed by classes and activities from 6:00 to 7:00!  Please contact us if you have any questions, or just show up at 5:45 on Sunday evenings!  We look forward to seeing you there!
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us through our Contact Page, by phone (865-693-0080), or feel free to just show up!
Tuesday Evening Bible Study
     The Tuesday Evening Bible Study is for all ages. Those interested should meet in the fellowship hall at 7:00 pm.
Tuesday Morning Bible Study
     The Tuesday Morning Bible study meets at 10:00 am.
Karm Donations
     Your donations to Karm can now help others in added ways.  If you bring the things you want to donate to Karm to the church office (865-693-0080), the church will receive credit points.  These points result in gift cards to Karm stores that the church can then provide to those in need.  This is another way we can help others in need.
Be sure to check out our Facebook page!
Remember that if you want to post on the Marietta Church Facebook page, feel free to do so.  The post will have to be approved, but once that is done it will be posted.  If you are asking for prayers, try to avoid proper names.  If your post can't be approved the way it is, you will be contacted to make sure we have a way to post it.  If you want an anonymous post, send us a message with the information you want in it, and the church can make that post on your behalf.  Also, feel free to share any post on the church Facebook page.  
     The Buildings & Ground committee meets once a quarter: January, April, July, and October.  Any requests that are deemed non-emergencies will be addressed at the quarterly meeting.  Emergencies are defined as HVAC issues, water leaks, and security system problems.  Our church does not have a maintenance man on staff.  If there is an emergency, please contact the church office.  If there is an item that needs to be added to our next meetings' agenda, please contact any member of the Building & Grounds committee or the church office. 
"Treasured Recipes" cookbook corrections 
There are a few corrections that you need to know if you own one of the cookbooks.  The corrections can be found on our Cookbook Corrections page by clicking here.
Contacting Marietta Church
You can contact us by sending us an email through our Contact Us page, calling the church office at 865-693+-0772, or by mailing us at Marietta Cumberland Presbyterian Church, P. O. Box 32007, Knoxville, TN 37930-2007. 
Other Information:
The Church and Church Office are Located at 
1922 Marietta Church Road
Knoxville, TN 37932
Phone: 865-693-0772
The Mailing Address is
P. O. Box 32007
Knoxville, TN 37930-2007
Church Directory
    The Church Directories are available and can be picked up at the church.