Marietta Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Reopening Information

As we begin worshipping in person once again, the session has considered how best to do this. We realize that there are many differing opinions but as the session, we are responsible for caring for everyone within the congregation and that this means if we err, we will err on the side of caution with the hope and prayer that sooner rather than later we can remove most if not all of the things we now see as restrictions. Together this will be possible. 

With that, the session has adopted the following practices and guidelines for coming back together.

  1. Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask.
  2. Everyone is asked to practice social distancing. Every other pew will be roped off to aid with social distancing. Family groups are asked to sit together.
  3. For the present we will have a modified worship service. We will not be singing hymns during the service and will continue using offering drop boxes instead of passing offering plates.
  4. Entrance through the front doors of the church.
  5. Exit through either front doors or the side door nearest the bell house.
  6. All doors except front doors will remain locked. This will still allow egress.
  7. We will use the upstairs (main floor only) for the present time. The basement steps will be roped off to limit access.
  8. We will not have a nursery or children’s church or children’s Sunday school as we begin. These will be phased in. Instead, children will be asked to sit with their parents during church. We will provide “age” appropriate activity bags for the children. Upstairs classrooms will be set up for parents who need to quiet/comfort small children.  There is a rocking chair and we will put a crib upstairs also.   Diaper changing stations are available in the rest rooms.
  9. Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple locations.

In the hope that we may soon expand our worship and services, let these words of Jesus guide us, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matt 25:40)