Marietta Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Thursday, February 29, 2024

Live Stream

Marietta's Live Sunday Morning Worship Video
We are using Facebook Live to stream our morning worship service Sunday mornings at 9:40.  The streaming video will begin with congregational singing from years past recorded at Marietta followed by live piano music by Maurie Douglas, so you have time to connect, log in, and say hi in the comments to us and others watching!  If the video doesn't start playing below, try refreshing the page after 9:40, or you can go to our Live video tab of our Facebook page through this link 

Please note : due to a change in Facebook, the video may appear black until we go live.  If it is still black after 9:40, please refresh this screen or go to our live page via the link above.

If you want to watch the recording sometime after the end of the service on Sunday Morning and you see the black player below, use the link above or the link in the black area below to watch it on Facebook.  The problem is with copyright permissions in certain countries preventing us from being able to embed it in a website.